Murals of Monterey County

Kat Morgan moved to Seaside at the beginning of shelter-in-place, when the streets were unusually empty. During her walks, she started to find murals, and she gravitated to them. “One of the things I love about murals is that they are accessible to everyone,” she says. “You don’t have to go into a museum or gallery.”

She’s always loved public art. Morgan is a consultant for nonprofit organizations by day, and spends her free time mural hunting. “I love learning about a community through murals,” she says. She’s been on the move from King City to Castroville, taking photographs of murals large and small and adding them all to a map so others, locals and tourists alike, can locate and enjoy them as well.

She has documented over 500 murals and counting. She hopes her map encourages more businesses and cities to become street art-friendly.


To view the MURALS OF MONTEREY COUNTY map, visit or follow Kat Morgan at

Source: Monterey County Weekly

Source: muralsofmontereycounty


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