The World’s Best Bread

In this case, a picture says a lot less than a thousand words, but in my humble opinion the bread baked by P. Natunen (aka Natusen leipomo) in Imatra’s Linnansuo/Linnankoski neighborhood is the tastiest I’ve ever eaten in my misspent life. It’s positively addictive. It’s nice to see Natunen must be making enough of a profit to fix the place up a bit. Ten years ago, a picture taken from this very same vantage would have told you even less about the fact that the world’s most delicious bread was baked here. (NB. This snapshot was taken four years ago today. I’m feeling nostalgic for the bread and the unbelievably town where it’s made.)

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  1. I have not been to Finland in many years and I was a frequent visitor. Then again, back then I lived in Europe and now I don’t LOL. One of the many things I loved about Finland was its bread (Leipää I think). One I loved was a thin bread which was very convenient because I could stock on it and take it back to The Netherlands without occupying much space.

    1. Yes, leipä is the word for bread in Finnish, although every kind of bread has its own word as well. Interestingly, the word for the bread made by this bakery – rieska – means a round raised loaf in Eastern Finland, but means a round flat bread in Western Finland.


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